Owners Deserve the Finest Property Management Services and We Are Happy to Deliver!

RSM Property Management & Realty understands that every Southeastern Wisconsin property owner deserves property management services that provide optimal occupancy rates while handling all maintenance and accounting duties quickly and professionally.

We offer an excellent prospective tenant screening program to ensure that rents are paid in a timely fashion and the rental properties are well-maintained. Should a tenant issue arise, we are equipped to handle tenant notifications and evictions, when necessary. By ensuring that our tenants are carefully selected and treated with the courtesy and respect they deserve, we are able to achieve and maintain minimal turnover rates, which means more profit in your investment property portfolio.

In addition, our attention to detail and efficient, honest bookkeeping policies mean that you can depend upon timely disbursements of rental monies, fully itemized monthly statements and a year-end accounting statement on each property. If you desire, we are also well-equipped to handle mortgage payments, as well as property taxes, insurance and maintenance expenditures for each property.

Whether you own one or several rental properties in or near Southeastern Wisconsin, we invite you to meet with us to discuss just how affordable great property management services can be.