Condominium and Homeowner Associations

Utilizing our service brings the following:

  • Comprehensive expertise and knowledge of local HOA laws
  • Detailed records and accounting reports
  • Assist board with enforcement of association declaration, by-laws, and rules and regulations
  • Professional relations with owners
  • Efficient dues collection
  • Negotiate contracts for common area maintenance
  • Send out notices and attend annual homeowners meeting
  • Attend association board meetings


Financial Peace of Mind
– Take care of billing and collecting association’s fees
– Process and pay all association common area expenses
Maintain Excellent Records
– Provide the board with monthly financial statements
– Maintain and reconcile association bank accounts
– Prepare annual budget
Handle Delinquencies
– Issue late notices, file liens, small claims or other necessary means for unpaid dues
Assist with All Tax Filings
– Work with the Association’s Independent C.P.A. in conducting annual audit, including making all records, books, and accounts available for inspection and review

Maintenance & Emergencies

Take Care of All Maintenance & Related Emergencies
– Manage all Vendor and Contractor Relationships
– Coordinate all work from start to finish
– Hire licensed professionals at the best prices possible
– Obtain bids to make appropriate vendor selection

Regular Inspections of the Property


Obtain & Analyze Insurance Bids
– Recommend modifications and/or additions to the policy
– Cooperate in Investigating & Reporting All Accidents

Maintain Liability Insurance, Fidelity Bond & Other Forms of Insurance & Bonding
– Required by association Board of Directors and Property Management company for both association and management company and their employees